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The Impossible Quiz
This is quite impossible, i can't finish it..
Added: 4458 days ago By:
Views: 18297 | Comments: 15
Killer Turtle
Get lost! That's my place! Move NOW or I'll
ram you!
Added: 4583 days ago By:
Views: 2948 | Comments: 12
Dont Touch This Chicks Pumpkin
She'll go apeshit on you!
Added: 4484 days ago By:
Views: 15234 | Comments: 10
Crayon Physics Game
This looks sick, and i just found out it's
available for PC, i'll post the game in the
Added: 4473 days ago By:
Views: 11945 | Comments: 10
Levitating In Mid Air
WTFFFFFFFF???????? How is this possible!?
Added: 4490 days ago By:
Views: 55972 | Comments: 9
Funny Kid Isnt Sorry About Huge Party
This Australian kid threw a party while his
parents were out of town, 500 people showed
up and terrorized the neighborhood. Some news
station gets him for an interview and he is
not sorry about it at all.
Added: 4415 days ago By:
Views: 9343 | Comments: 9
Harder Bodies Faster Stronger
It gets pretty crazy when the song speeds up
Added: 4475 days ago By:
Views: 70178 | Comments: 7
The Front Fell Off
Cardboard is OUT... ahahha
Added: 4470 days ago By:
Views: 5985 | Comments: 7
Exoskeleton Suit Turns Humans Into

Lift 200lbs? No problem! Walk up a ramp?
Simply simple. Rain? FAIL!
Added: 4467 days ago By:
Views: 10200 | Comments: 7
Hilarious AOL Viral Video Commercial
If you keep up-to-date with your viral
videos, you'll love this commercial
Added: 4449 days ago By:
Views: 10488 | Comments: 7
Retarded Cop Picks on 14yr Old Skater
This man would be suspended... if he weren't
the best damn officer on the force.
Added: 4387 days ago By:
Views: 8441 | Comments: 7
Powerthirst 2
Powerthirst 2: Re-Domination -- This is
ACTUALLY the FUNNIEST video ever, and i'm not
just saying that.
Added: 4512 days ago By:
Views: 11719 | Comments: 6
Tasered For A Speeding Ticket
Unlike most morons that get tasered, I
actually think this guy clearly didn't
deserve to be nailed.
Added: 4469 days ago By:
Views: 7816 | Comments: 6
Bank Robbery
This one got away.
Added: 4454 days ago By:
Views: 17432 | Comments: 6
Dont Jump Edward Dont Jump
Ohhhh... he jumped
Added: 4516 days ago By:
Views: 8411 | Comments: 5
To Catch A Predator Live Skit
This guy doesn't seem to realize how serious
the situation is.
Added: 4504 days ago By:
Views: 38499 | Comments: 5
Travis Barker Soulja Boy Remix
Travis makes this song about 20x better
Added: 4467 days ago By:
Views: 7234 | Comments: 5
What a Voice
When this guy sings, he sounds 100% like a
girl. This is actually quite impressive.
Added: 4458 days ago By:
Views: 10804 | Comments: 5
Dog Pwns Gamer
Kid get brutally raped by his dog
Added: 4456 days ago By:
Views: 11603 | Comments: 5
Reverse Graffiti
Great art, An important message and the
police can't do anything to stop you!
Added: 4522 days ago By:
Views: 4370 | Comments: 4

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