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PandaChute Community Guidelines

While you are here on PandaChute, please feel free to contribute to the enjoyment of the site by others. We have made it possible to leave comments on videos, please do not abuse this privilege. We want to provide you with a good time, and in return we ask you to be a good citizen. Here are a few guidelines to consider when making comments:

1. Be yourself, don't be anyone else.

Please don't take credit for videos or images that aren't your own. And don't go around creating multiple profiles, or using other names. Why bother? The internet is a fleeting thing and you may be famous for a moment, but you have to live with yourself the rest of your life.

2. Be reasonable in your comments.

In short, don't be a jerk. Nobody likes to be put down, so why do it? We welcome a wide variety of viewpoints on PandaChute, but we cannot tolerate haters. If your comments are offensive to someone of a particular race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, or any other group that is sometimes subject to discrimination, you can expect your comments to be deleted.

3. No Spamming.

People don't like to be sold pills or anything else within the comments. Please don't put your favorite products or links in our comment boxes. They will be deleted and your IP address banned.

Thanks for making PandaChute a better place!

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