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1 Year In 40 Seconds
A time lapse of 1 year in 40 seconds. Always cool to watch these sort of videos.
Added: 4164 days ago By
Duration: 0:46
Views: 3936 | Comments: 0
10 Year Old Boy Beats an International Chess Master
Great fun watching this boy beat chess master in a blitz game.
Added: 2510 days ago By
Duration: 4:30
Views: 2508 | Comments: 0
2012 Olympic UFO
They are saying it was a blimp. . .sorry, I have watched this many times = Not a blimp. What is it?
Added: 2856 days ago By
Duration: 2:06
Views: 1694 | Comments: 0
A New Use For Escalators
Watch as lady spins around and around on the escalator.
Added: 4355 days ago By
Duration: 0:24
Views: 4107 | Comments: 0
A Pirate Christmas
In this epic stop motion LEGO animation, watch as Captain Dan writes his Christmas wish list and lays in wait for Santa so he can plunder his sled.
Added: 3817 days ago By
Duration: 3:48
Views: 1913 | Comments: 0
A Teacher Growing Green in South Bronx
Do yourself a favor and take the time to watch this = Inspiring !
Added: 2856 days ago By
Duration: 13:43
Views: 1516 | Comments: 0
Alien: The Easter Edition
The Easter Edition is a low-fi Easter-themed parody/homage to Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979). It features spaceships, Easter eggs, alien attacks and lots and lots of chocolate.
Added: 2972 days ago By
Duration: 2:55
Views: 805 | Comments: 0
Amazing 172 Foot High Dive
This video was taped back in the '70s. But still an amazing rush just watching.
Added: 4307 days ago By
Duration: 4:45
Views: 4974 | Comments: 0
Amazing Soccer Kick
Watch his feet :|
Added: 4748 days ago By
Duration: 0:04
Views: 2481 | Comments: 0
America's Got Talent Michael Grasso Audition
Magician Michael Grasso astounds the crowd with his illusion. Watch it once, and then watch it again, paying very close attention to the hand that is waving = BUSTED !!!
Added: 3625 days ago By
Duration: 1:07
Views: 3433 | Comments: 0
Animal Optical Illusion
Ah, excuse me, why are you watching my every move?
Added: 3800 days ago By
Duration: 1:36
Views: 1843 | Comments: 0
Animals That Are Better Than You
*This is a must watch!* This is a polar bear. It primarily eats seals, can you eat a seal?
Added: 4886 days ago By
Duration: 1:09
Views: 2756 | Comments: 0
Astronauts Perform 'Bicycle' Soccer Kick In Space
In anticipation of the World Cup, which the crew of the ISS will be watching, United States astronauts show off their 'futbol' moves in microgravity.
Added: 2174 days ago By
Duration: 1:13
Views: 1138 | Comments: 0
Awesome Cadbury Advert
Watch as the Gorilla feels the air. See the expressions as the Gorilla prepares for the moment and watch as it bursts into life.
Added: 4649 days ago By
Duration: 1:30
Views: 2490 | Comments: 1
Baby Girl Laughing Hysterically at Dog Eating Popcorn
Ha ha ha, try not to laugh when you watch this = impossible !
Added: 2616 days ago By
Duration: 1:14
Views: 5085 | Comments: 0
Baby Survives Being Hit by Train
WARNING - This is hard to watch, even when you know the outcome is ok.
Added: 3875 days ago By
Duration: 1:04
Views: 3080 | Comments: 0
Basel Tattoo 2009 TOP SECRET Drum Corps
Couldn't stop watching this Swiss Drum Corp !!!
Added: 3897 days ago By
Duration: 3:28
Views: 2230 | Comments: 0
Bedgeheimen - Magic Trick
Bet you watch this twice !
Added: 3993 days ago By
Duration: 0:40
Views: 6650 | Comments: 0
Bike Loses Biker
The Bike was tired of being ridden. Watch as biker falls off and gets back on, all while the bike continues running on it own.
Added: 4390 days ago By
Duration: 0:23
Views: 4106 | Comments: 0
Bird Won't Let Cat Sleep
Bird better watch it or bird will be lunch.
Added: 3249 days ago By
Duration: 1:26
Views: 1477 | Comments: 0

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