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Amazing Choreographed Fight Scene
This is one of the competitors in the 10th All China Games.
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Duration: 1:17
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Bridgestone Super Bowl Ad - Taters
Did tragedy strike the potato heads? Now you know! To view behind the scenes action on the making of the Bridgestone Super Bowl commercial titled "Taters" and to learn more about Bridgestone Tires please visit: For drivers who want to get the most out of their cars, It's Bridgestone or Nothing.
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Duration: 0:31
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Car Chase Turns Into Movie Scene
I'm going to assume he didn't know there was a drop
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Duration: 1:52
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Colbert Behind The Scenes
A rare glimpse at Stephen Colbert out of character
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Duration: 2:31
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Digital Surround Sound
Close your eyes and listen to the quality of this sound clip.. you can imagine the whole scene
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Duration: 4:30
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Dubstep Violin
Beautiful scenery and music.
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Duration: 5:00
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Flashmob Adverts
The making of life's for sharing T-Mobile ad and live behind the scenes of the T-Mobile Heathrow flashmob.
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Duration: 2:37
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Ghost Rider in the Streets of Cairo
Live broadcast, very strange green horse and rider float across the scene? As yet unexplained. . . .
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Duration: 0:51
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Hackers Hack Czech TV
Hackers broke into the early-morning Panorama program - which regularly displays webcam scenes of Czech beauty spots and turned it into a nuclear warzone
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Duration: 0:31
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London Riots Commercial
Parody of the Visit Britain 2011 Commercial, showing scenes from the 2011 London Riots. This is meant as a joke.
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Duration: 1:02
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No Pants Subway Ride 2009
This is one of over 80 different missions Improv Everywhere has executed over the past seven years in New York City. Others include Frozen Grand Central, the Best Buy uniform prank, and the famous U2 Rooftop Hoax, to name a few. Visit the website to see tons of photos and video of all of our work, including behind the scenes information on how this video was made.
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Duration: 2:34
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Runaway Saw Blade Caught on Tape
A large blade spun off a saw used to cut concrete and into a home. The incident was captured on a home surveillance camera. The worker fled the scene shortly after retrieving the blade.
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Duration: 0:50
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Street Racers Escape Police Barricade
A huge street race scene is surrounded by the police. The whole stretch of road is blocked in and everybody's getting tickets.
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Duration: 2:58
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The Urban Ninja
The mall scenes are crazy
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Duration: 3:05
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To Catch A Predator Jersey
Funny to catch a predator scenes in New Jersey..
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Duration: 8:24
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Victim Talking About Virginia Tech Shooting
Injured student describes the chaotic scene and shooter
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Duration: 3:30
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