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9 year old Naomi Kutin squats 187 lbs
Naomi Kutin squats 160 and 187 at a body weight of 88 lbs, at age 9! This breaks the 100% Raw record, and the future of her back ! Who would let their child do that?
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Duration: 1:16
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Bench Press Gone Wrong
He's lifting approximately 600-700 pounds, i think his chest caved in
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Duration: 0:16
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Boatlift - The Untold Story
Through the tragedy and misery of 9/11, a story of ordinary people coming together to rescue 500,000 fellow Americans off Manhattan Island. This was done in 9 hours. Narrated by Tom Hanks.
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Duration: 11:57
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Burning Car Lifted off Trapped Man
A motorcyclist who was pinned under a burning car after a collision, says he's grateful for the help of strangers who saved his life. (Sept. 13)
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Duration: 1:53
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Cargo Ship Splits in Two
All 12 crew members were lifted off by helicopter.
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Duration: 3:01
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Epic Forklift Crash In Moscow
Forklift crash In Moscow ruins estimated $150,000 worth of vodka and cognac.
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Duration: 0:34
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Exoskeleton Suit Turns Humans Into Terminators
Lift 200lbs? No problem! Walk up a ramp? Simply simple. Rain? FAIL!
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Duration: 2:55
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Fire Fighters Lift Car With Water
This is pretty damn cool... (meanwhile 50 houses burned down)
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Duration: 0:55
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Forklift Driver Causes Huge Chain Reaction
A forklift driver sets off a huge chain reaction of destruction. Watch as he barely escapes injury.
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Duration: 1:05
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Forklift Show Off Fail
Idiot shows off his lack of forklift skills.
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Duration: 0:21
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How Not To Flip A Car
This is what happens when idiots attempt to lift a car on a hill with out the break on
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Duration: 0:46
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How to Tone and Lift Cheeks
Unintentionally funny facial exercises.
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Duration: 4:20
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Kite Tubing
New type of tubing that lifts you up about 30-40ft in the air
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Duration: 0:58
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Man Deadlifts 329 lbs
Do or die?
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Duration: 0:19
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Man Lifts Fridge Over His Head
Hm m m, I'm pretty sure that fridge and the video are full of something other than vegetables !
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Duration: 0:27
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Mother Lowers Daughter Over Balcony With Rope
This woman ties a rope to her kid, lowers her down a story, and lifts her back up. Look, we get it, you're strong, but tell me again why you are putting your daughter at risk?
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Duration: 1:09
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Nissan Russian Adventure 09 - Contest Day 2
On Saturday, the temperature has comeback down to the seasonal norms, and even with the cloud cover, the riders were able to compete. On the crest of the top ski lift, after a one-hour walk there were 4 possible starting points (2 accessible with harness only) forming a circle facing the ski lift, the show was particularly spectacular. Suspense was in the air until the end as Aurelien Ducroz (FRA), leader of Day 1, and Henrik Windstedt (SWE) were amongst the last to compete.
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Duration: 2:39
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Santa Tackles Shoplifter
Wow, Santa's tough!
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Duration: 0:13
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Sewer geyser Lifts Car
Eeewwww !!!
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Duration: 1:37
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Typhoon Sends Car Flying
Spectacular demonstration of winds lifting a car and hurling it across the car park.
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Duration: 0:49
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