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31 Legged Race
Wow, 31 children running with their legs tied. Must have taken hours of practice and dozens of falls !
Added: 3065 days ago By
Duration: 1:04
Views: 2087 | Comments: 0
Baby Dancing the Stanky Legs
This baby can dance better than I ever could!!!
Added: 3458 days ago By
Duration: 3:13
Views: 2162 | Comments: 0
Between the Legs Goal
Amazing !
Added: 2074 days ago By
Duration: 1:01
Views: 1026 | Comments: 0
Bruno Walks up Stairs
Bruno Jr. first learned to walk forwards and backwards on his back legs... then he learned to do it off-leash, now he is walking up stairs with 10 steps!
Added: 3793 days ago By
Duration: 0:17
Views: 2073 | Comments: 0
Crazy Life Like Robot
"Boston Dynamics Big Dog" - The physics of those legs are mind blowing...
Added: 4111 days ago By
Duration: 3:29
Views: 4696 | Comments: 1
Dog Scurries Down Stairs
Watch his back legs - hilarious !
Added: 3412 days ago By
Duration: 1:01
Views: 1906 | Comments: 1
Dog Walking On Its Front Legs while Peeing
Lol - I don't know which is funniest, how it pees, or how much it pees !!!
Added: 3447 days ago By
Duration: 1:00
Views: 2111 | Comments: 0
Forrest Gump in One Minute, in One Take
Forrest Gump in one minute, in one long slightly sped up take. Made for the Empire's "Films in 1 minute" thing by the University of York Filmmaking Society Directed/edited by Joe Burgess, Rocco Sulkin and Will Tribble Filmed by Charlie Jiang Artistic direction by Laura Archer and Mark Teece Also starring Catherine Simpson as Bench Lady Very special thanks to Expressions Vintage Clothing, York for lending us the army costumes (also I bought that big coat from them two years ago ...
Added: 3754 days ago By
Duration: 1:01
Views: 2689 | Comments: 0
Golf Ball Through the Legs at 200mph
Golf Entertainer Dan Boever hits a ball 200 mph through a 1/2 inch board and the legs of a very nervous show host.
Added: 4431 days ago By
Duration: 0:29
Views: 1956 | Comments: 0
Nest of Daddy Longlegs!
EEK !!!
Added: 3343 days ago By
Duration: 0:43
Views: 1441 | Comments: 0
Paraplegic Man Walks Again with Bionic Legs
A New Zealand company invents robotic exoskeleton.
Added: 3259 days ago By
Duration: 1:06
Views: 1664 | Comments: 0
Quantum Jujitsu Demo
This guy jumps on your arm and wraps his legs around your neck to take you down
Added: 4475 days ago By
Duration: 1:11
Views: 1808 | Comments: 0
Tennis - Between the Legs Shot
This occurred during the final game of the U.S Open semifinals September 13th, 2009.
Added: 3563 days ago By
Duration: 0:59
Views: 1367 | Comments: 0

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