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"All I Want For Christmas Is You" in 20 styles
Pretty good !
Added: 1465 days ago By
Duration: 4:09
Views: 1204 | Comments: 0
"Apparently" This Boy is Awesome
Little boy steals the show during an interview at the Wayne County Fair.
Added: 1587 days ago By
Duration: 1:33
Views: 1414 | Comments: 0
"Birdman" Admits Hoax
He is a cgi artist and this wasnt his first hoax video. Interesting!
Added: 2403 days ago By
Duration: 4:18
Views: 1348 | Comments: 0
"Dog" Sledding
River and Trout are two fun loving Labrador Retrievers and they LOVE the snow !
Added: 2881 days ago By
Duration: 1:45
Views: 1737 | Comments: 0
"Everyone Poops" Trailer
Teaching movie.
Added: 3523 days ago By
Duration: 1:19
Views: 1932 | Comments: 0
"My Favorite Things"
Hilarious !
Added: 2802 days ago By
Duration: 1:16
Views: 1750 | Comments: 0
"Only You" on Helium
Funny !
Added: 1494 days ago By
Duration: 2:38
Views: 1072 | Comments: 0
"Pants on the Ground" - Amercian Idol
Lyrics - Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground. Gold in your mouth, hat turned sideways, pants hit the ground, call yourself a cool cat looking like a fool. Walking downtown with your pants on the ground! With your pants on the ground!
Added: 3252 days ago By
Duration: 1:17
Views: 2963 | Comments: 0
"Spider Dog"
Awesome dog climbs tree.
Added: 3103 days ago By
Duration: 0:34
Views: 2378 | Comments: 0
"Stupid Fork"
Inventor demonstrates how to use his special spaghetti fork.
Added: 2668 days ago By
Duration: 1:14
Views: 1271 | Comments: 0
$100 Note Unveiling
New U.S. One Hundred dollar bill.
Added: 3153 days ago By
Duration: 1:22
Views: 1783 | Comments: 0
'Apocalyptic' Island of Waste in the Maldives
The Maldives are known as an unspoilt, paradise island destination for upmarket tourists but the BBC has paid a visit to a part of the Maldives that tourists do not see.
Added: 2392 days ago By
Duration: 3:34
Views: 1675 | Comments: 0
'Best Job Ever'
Depressed about the global economy, unemployed, or just looking for adventure? Then look no further because a tiny Australian island is offering a dream job, advertising globally to find the right person.
Added: 3609 days ago By
Duration: 2:10
Views: 2450 | Comments: 0
'Dog Alarm Clocks' Compilation
The best alarm clocks = dogs !
Added: 1430 days ago By
Duration: 3:49
Views: 1287 | Comments: 0
(NEW) Cooling Tower Demolition - China
Two huge cooling towers, 95 and 65 meters in height,were blasted away using 90 kg of explosives and 1400 detonators.
Added: 2960 days ago By
Duration: 1:16
Views: 1781 | Comments: 0
***30-story building built in 15 days***
Okay, great, good for you, but I don't want to live or work in that building, thank you.
Added: 2524 days ago By
Duration: 6:07
Views: 1501 | Comments: 0
1 In A Million Golf Shot
On this par 3, golf pro Fuzzy Zoeller looks like he's just hit a mediocre shot onto the fringe... but wait...
Added: 4120 days ago By
Duration: 0:38
Views: 2591 | Comments: 0
1 Leg Skiing
Bode Miller loses his ski at the beginning of the timed lap, but continues skiing using only 1 leg
Added: 4300 days ago By
Duration: 2:24
Views: 4132 | Comments: 0
1 Year In 40 Seconds
A time lapse of 1 year in 40 seconds. Always cool to watch these sort of videos.
Added: 3630 days ago By
Duration: 0:46
Views: 3755 | Comments: 0
1/20/10 Massive Lenticular Gamma Cloud - Indonesia
Added: 3238 days ago By
Duration: 0:46
Views: 2287 | Comments: 0

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