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Craziest Field Goal In NFL History
A 51 yard field goal was attempted by Phil Dawson of the Cleveland Browns with no time left on the clock to tie the game and force overtime. It bounces off the pole, then comes down and hits another part of the goal post and bounces back onto the playing field after going completely through the uprights.
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Duration: 2:06
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Dancing Cows?
Excited cows being released from their indoor winter housing to their fresh pasture for spring and summer grazing.
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Duration: 1:12
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Field Goal Hits Goalpost 4 Times
Unlucky kicker
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Duration: 0:11
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Field Goal Rejection
What a hurdle!
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Duration: 0:45
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Garfield Kittah
This IS Garfield.. seriously
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Duration: 0:46
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If there's grass on the field...
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Duration: 0:58
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Joaquin\'s Weird Interview
David Letterman has a one-liner field day with a foggy Joaquin Phoenix.
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Duration: 1:47
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Kangaroo Boxing Match
The golfers were oblivious that there were even kangaroos on the field
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Duration: 4:16
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Paparazzi on Camera
Joseph Gordon Levitt (3rd Rock, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Lookout, Angels in the Outfield) turned the cameras on the paparazzi
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Duration: 3:02
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Plane Crashes On a Baseball Field
Plane attempts an emergency landing on a baseball field in Alaska, all 4 people on board survived.
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Duration: 1:50
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The Great Fan Escape - Astros Game May 13, 2011
Bottom of the ninth. when some guy runs out into Center field, evading cops and escapes in the most creative and athletic way possible.
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Duration: 1:06
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Tornado Springfield MA 6/1/2011
Taken from 2nd Story Avocado Street.
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Duration: 2:14
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Weed Fields in Afghanistan
Thats about 40,000 kilo's
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Duration: 1:14
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Weird Soccer Accident
A sudden gust of wind pulls out the sign boards on the side of the field and blows them across the field hitting several players.
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Duration: 1:39
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