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10 drugs not to take before driving
A German guy demonstrates what would happen if you took any of these drugs before driving.
Added: 3592 days ago By
Duration: 1:51
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1950 Pit Stop Compared to 2013
What a difference ! Very interesting.
Added: 1887 days ago By
Duration: 2:10
Views: 1534 | Comments: 0
2 News Helicopters Collide
KNXV-TV in Phoenix is on air live when the two news helicopters collide while covering a car chase
Added: 4343 days ago By
Duration: 0:58
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2 Small Plane Pilots vs 1 Failed Engine
Added: 3142 days ago By
Duration: 1:57
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2009 Amphibious Car Vehicle at Lake Havasu and Newport Beach CA
Yay, all the fun of a boat without docking fees and all the work.
Added: 3518 days ago By
Duration: 3:15
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2011 Frozen Car
He'll need a sledgehammer.
Added: 3065 days ago By
Duration: 0:55
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2013 - Monaco - Lucky Bird
Lives to fly again !
Added: 2209 days ago By
Duration: 0:28
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25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!
Clever !
Added: 2510 days ago By
Duration: 4:56
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3 Year Old's Amazing Death Grip
Wow ! Scary for a minute there.
Added: 1783 days ago By
Duration: 0:53
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66 Inch Jump by Adrian Wilson
Adrian Wilson of the Arizona Cardinals is up and over a 66 inch hurdle with a three-step start
Added: 4523 days ago By
Duration: 0:19
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A Harmonica In Carnegie Hall
Incredible !
Added: 3349 days ago By
Duration: 4:25
Views: 1841 | Comments: 0
A Real Man's 4WD Track
A Land Rover Defender drives up a "Real Man's" 4WD track. One brave soul attempted it.
Added: 2808 days ago By
Duration: 0:49
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A6 Failed Carrier Takeoff
A6 loses power on takeoff, pilot drops bomb load before they eject.
Added: 3555 days ago By
Duration: 0:28
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AirPod Car - Runs On Air
Cool !
Added: 2562 days ago By
Duration: 0:41
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Alcoholic Vervet Monkeys
In the Caribbean, Vervet Monkeys have developed a taste for alcohol and can regularly be spotted stealing cocktails from humans on the beach.
Added: 3540 days ago By
Duration: 3:21
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Alternator Secret Revealed
How to get power for your house out of your car alternator.
Added: 2413 days ago By
Duration: 5:50
Views: 1380 | Comments: 0
Amazing Car Collisions on a Very Icy Street
Crazy home video of cars colliding on a very icy street in Portland
Added: 4535 days ago By
Duration: 2:22
Views: 3038 | Comments: 0
Amazing Carvings
A collection of pics of some pretty cool carvings.
Added: 3920 days ago By
Duration: 1:44
Views: 3708 | Comments: 0
Ancient Pyramids Discovered with Google Earth?
Interesting ! A satellite archaeological researcher from North Carolina claims to have found images of sites in Egypt that may be lost pyramids and other man-made structures. Located 90 miles apart along the Nile River, the satellite images show mounds of earth in strange groupings and features unusual for the natural environment. One image shows four distinct mounds with a larger triangular-shaped plateau; another looks to contain a four-sided mount approximately 150 feet wide; and a third shows three small mounds in a similar configuration to the Giza Plateau pyramids.
Added: 2498 days ago By
Duration: 1:08
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Andretti Uninjured in Scary Looking Crash
Wild !!!
Added: 3382 days ago By
Duration: 2:50
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