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"Apparently" This Boy is Awesome
Little boy steals the show during an interview at the Wayne County Fair.
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Duration: 1:33
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17 Year Time Lapse
A guy photographs himself for 17years. Interesting to see at what stage the skin starts to sag and the growth of hair was cool.
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Duration: 1:19
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2 News Helicopters Collide
KNXV-TV in Phoenix is on air live when the two news helicopters collide while covering a car chase
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Duration: 0:58
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2 Small Plane Pilots vs 1 Failed Engine
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Duration: 1:57
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2011 WVU Marching Band Armed Forces Salute
I'm thankful for our Men and Women of the armed forces.
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Duration: 5:31
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A Wall-Painted Animation
The new short film by Blu. Made on public walls in Buenos Aires and in Baden.
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Duration: 7:26
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A6 Failed Carrier Takeoff
A6 loses power on takeoff, pilot drops bomb load before they eject.
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Duration: 0:28
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Accidental Takeoff
Up up and away !
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Duration: 0:30
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Aerial Refueling
Preparing to refuel a USAF E-4. The weather that they were going through causes the differential static equalization between the two aircraft. Once the boom touches the receptacle of the E-4 the charges are equalized and the static stops. This is commonly known as St Elmos Fire.
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Duration: 1:00
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Air Force Flour Bomb Prank
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Duration: 0:35
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Air France A380 Clips Comair CRJ-700
Pilot Fail ! New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport - No one hurt, but clean clothes needed !
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Duration: 0:31
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Air Walk on Fitness Pole
Wow !
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Duration: 0:27
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Aircraft Near Miss and Unusual Event Compilation
This is why I don't fly.
Added: 1873 days ago By
Duration: 15:01
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Airline Humor
Ways the airline will be making money.
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Duration: 1:51
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Airplane show in Iceland - Models flying
Great model airplane show in Iceland! Lots of flying in the rain.
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Duration: 7:11
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Airplane Snoring
Funny !
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Duration: 0:22
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Airplane vs. Parachutist 2013
Aerobatic pilot Martin Sonka from Red Bull Air Race performs a stunning trick in tandem with parachutist Petr Mestak. .
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Duration: 2:25
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AirPod Car - Runs On Air
Cool !
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Duration: 0:41
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Airport's Security Officer Saves Baby
Wow, he should be in the NFL !
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Duration: 0:55
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Alaska Bush Pilot Competion
How much runway do you need ?
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Duration: 1:00
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