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17 Year Time Lapse
A guy photographs himself for 17years. Interesting to see at what stage the skin starts to sag and the growth of hair was cool.
Added: 4347 days ago By
Duration: 1:19
Views: 4525 | Comments: 0
171 Starbucks In A Day
This crackhead decides it'll be cool to go to 171 starbucks in one day... and buy something at every one of them :|
Added: 4768 days ago By
Duration: 10:54
Views: 2291 | Comments: 0
Amazing 172 Foot High Dive
This video was taped back in the '70s. But still an amazing rush just watching.
Added: 4384 days ago By
Duration: 4:45
Views: 5020 | Comments: 0
Drinking Problem
Babycat is a 17 year old tabby. Despite how strange this looks, this is how she normally drinks.
Added: 3723 days ago By
Duration: 0:35
Views: 1464 | Comments: 0
Escape From City 17 - Part One
Directed by The Purchase Brothers. The Escape From City 17 short film series is an adaptation based on the Half Life computer game saga by Valve Corporation. Originally envisioned as a project to test out numerous post production techniques, as well as a spec commercial, it ballooned into a multi part series. Filmed guerilla style with no money, no time, no crew, no script, the first two episodes were made from beginning to end on a budget of $500.
Added: 4197 days ago By
Duration: 5:30
Views: 2113 | Comments: 0
June 17 Drag Race Crash
Amateur video footage of June 17th drag racing crash in Tennessee
Added: 4803 days ago By
Duration: 0:49
Views: 1863 | Comments: 0
Notorious BIG Rapping at Age 17
Biggie freestyling when he was 17
Added: 4856 days ago By
Duration: 1:05
Views: 1781 | Comments: 0
Plane Crashes in Residential Neighborhood
Cessna 172 crash in Orlando, Florida
Added: 4859 days ago By
Duration: 0:54
Views: 1886 | Comments: 0
Relocating a Barn By Hand
The day 344 volunteers picked up at 17,000 pound barn and moved it ... poor video quality, but cool anyway.
Added: 3182 days ago By
Duration: 3:25
Views: 987 | Comments: 0
Shawn Stefani's Hole-In-One At 2013 U.S. Open
Stefani's ace on 17 was the first ever at a U.S. Open at Merion and the 43rd in U.S. Open history.
Added: 2611 days ago By
Duration: 0:51
Views: 1794 | Comments: 0
Speed Record on a Bicycle
Guy hits 172 KMH then crashes hard
Added: 4872 days ago By
Duration: 1:31
Views: 2128 | Comments: 0
St. Barts Aborted Landing
Aborted landing and the successful but scary and shaky second attempt. February 17, 2011.
Added: 3449 days ago By
Duration: 1:33
Views: 1571 | Comments: 0
u17 World Cup - Canada vs. England
Goalie scores historic goal at the last minute.
Added: 3337 days ago By
Duration: 1:11
Views: 1241 | Comments: 0

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