Privacy Policy

Our Goal is to Entertain You

Thanks for taking the time to check up on our privacy policy here at PandaChute. We are committed to creating an interesting and entertaining user experience and while we are at it we'll do the best we can to protect your privacy and insure that you have a good time.

Registration is Optional

You need not register to use PandaChute, it is completely optional. When you register on PandaChute, we ask for your email address, a unique nickname chosen by you, and a few other, optional pieces of personal information. Once you are registered you may provide additional information or change what is has been recorded for you, and if you like, you may ask to have your name and email address removed from our database at any time, just contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.

We Treat Your Email With Respect

We promise not give your email address to 3rd parties. We hate spam as much as you do. From time to time we may e-mail you with messages about our service here or other services or products that we believe might be of interest to you, but we promise not to over-use this privilege, and in each email we send you, we'll provide you a way for you to opt-out of any more emails.

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