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What is PandaChute? PandaChute is a collection of the best videos from around the internet, we filter through and collect the best so you always have something interesting to see. The best videos have been collecting here for over 3 years, so there's, uh, a lot. In January 2009 we re-launched the site with a number of new community features that allow you to interact with others, you can:

  • Look for videos based on tags
  • Check out our new channels, videos are grouped by type
  • Comment on videos more easily and see comments made by others
  • Mark your favorite videos for easy re-viewing in the future
  • Show off your favorite videos to your friends
  • Upload embed code for videos from the web, and we'll consider featuring them to everyone
  • ... and much more!

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In you had an account on PandaChute prior to January 2009, it still exists here, and all information has been transferred into the new community. To learn more, please see our About Us, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy sections.


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