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Cute as hell, if you aren't in the mood for cute, stay away!
Definitely funny, and there may be other bonuses.
Television, when it's funny, amazing, or entertaining.
Funny or shocking ways that people fail to do as planned.
You can't look away, but you wish hadn't seen it.
Perhaps funny, always stupid, not always really political.
If it's about sports, and you've got to see it, it's here.
Animated short films, cartoons, always fantastic.
Insane risks, unbelievable stunts. Try these at home?
Uh, wow. Sometimes it's talent, sometimes it's luck.
Animals are not always cute and cuddly!
Many fascinating objects on the planet are art.
Movie trailers and shorts, spoofs or spinoffs.
When music makes the video, you'll find it here.
Beautiful, incredible natural events or phenomena.
Pranks of all varieties, some funny, some backfire.
Cars, trucks, buses, some of these may disturb you.
Non-pornographic, but you don't watch these with your mom.