About Us

What is PandaChute?

PandaChute is a short video entertainment web site. These videos are hand-picked for their entertainment or interest value, and you can count on us to find the best new stuff out there. We've been doing it since 2006, and have amassed a huge collection of the internet's most amazing stuff. There's no need for you to sift endlessly through a million crappy videos looking for something interesting. We've embedded almost 2000 titles, by selecting a few nearly every day over more than a 3 year period, and they're all good.

PandaChute has a new look!

In early January of 2009 we updated the look of PandaChute and greatly increased what it can do. The site has a number of improved or new community features that allow you to interact with others, you can:

  • Look for videos based on tags
  • Check out our new channels, videos are grouped by type
  • Comment on videos more easily and see comments made by others
  • Mark your favorite videos for easy re-viewing in the future
  • Show off your favorite videos to your friends
  • Upload embed code for videos from the web, and we'll consider featuring them to everyone
  • ... and much more!

Sign up now! If you had an account on PandaChute prior to January 2009, it still exists here, and all information has been transferred into the new community, you may login with your original username and password.

PandaChute is Owned and Operated by Floating Edge, Inc.

PandaChute is run by a small web development company, Floating Edge, Inc. We want to improve the web for everyone, by buying and developing websites that assist or entertain people in some way. Sometimes we create ways to generate revenue from these sites, in order to support further enhancements and investments, you may have noticed a few ads on PandaChute.

Our web sites are well-optimized and do something out of the ordinary. We focus on designs that are clean, effective, and usable. We've been involved with the web since it was a baby (1991) and incorporated in 2004. We offer advertising space as well as advice in web property investment and development. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

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